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Thank you for visiting the website of the Farm Safety Foundation (Yellow Wellies as you may also know us). We are the charity behind FARM SAFETY WEEK (18-22 July 2022) and MIND YOUR HEAD (13-17 February 2023) but we are much much more…

For those of us who have been following every possible safety measure to avoid the invisible danger of Covid-19 over the past few years, the thought that someone would see a danger on the horizon and do nothing to avoid it is hard to fathom.

But that is exactly what farmers, farm workers, foremen and sub-contractors have been doing for years and is one of the reasons that farming continues to have the poorest safety record of any occupation in the UK.

Farming accounts for 1% of the working population but an alarming 24% of all workplace deaths – According to the HSE Fatal Injuries in Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing Report in GB 2020/2021,  34 farm workers (and 7 members of the public) lost their lives on GB farms over the past year. The picture is similar in Northern Ireland where farming accounted for 5 of the 13 workplace fatalities in 2020/2021 representing 38% (HSENI) and, in the Republic of Ireland, farming accounts for 5% of the workforce but an alarming 40% of all workplace fatal incidents.

We are the Farm Safety Foundation – Yellow Wellies as many of you know us – and we are a small UK-wide charity dedicated to raising awareness of farm safety and mental wellbeing in farmers.

Preserve and protect the physical and mental wellbeing of young farmers and young people moving in to agriculture (Aged16-40).

Challenge and change the attitudes towards risk-taking and poor safety behaviours in the next generation of farmers.

Reduce the number of life changing and life ending injuries among young farmers.

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