You Are Not Alone

Earlier this year, we launched a campaign ‘Mind Your Head’ to tackle the stigma around mental health in farming and started working with key partners including FCN, RABI and The YANA (You Are Not Alone) Project, an organisation offering confidential support, mental health awareness and funding for counselling for those in farming and rural industries

Tractor in field at sunset

Make Hay When The Sun Shines

Coming off a year of bad weather and difficulties throughout the industry, Andrew McCornick, President of NFU Scotland believes it is beginning to look up for Scottish farmers and crofters this summer, as dry warm weather has given most a welcome relief from last year’s hardships. Make hay when the sun shines, as the old

Small Changes Make A Huge Difference

Irish Farmers Association President, Joe Healy offers us the view from the Republic of Ireland and explains why initiatives like Farm Safety Week are critical for driving a real change in safety culture in Ireland’s farmers and how a fresh pair of eyes may be key to making this happen… Managing health and safety on

Saving Lives & Livelihoods – The View From Wales

Wales Farm Safety Partnership Chair, Brian Rees is one of the UK’s most well-respected trainers on farm safety, and in this blog, he looks at what is being done in Wales to save lives and livelihoods… “In the last ten years, 388 farmers, their family members or farm workers have been killed on British farms

The View From England’s Farm Safety Partnership…

NFU Vice President Stuart Roberts is a third generation arable and livestock farmer who has also worked for Defra and the Food Standards Agency and held senior management roles within the meat supply chain.   Stuart sits as chair of the England Farm Safety Partnership, a collective of organisations representing a broad spectrum of agricultural

Making Hay While the Sun Shines – The View from Scotland

NFU Scotland President, Andrew McCornick outlines the challenges facing Scotland’s farmers and crofters and the importance of recognising stress and asking for help if you need it… Coming off a year of bad weather and difficulties throughout the industry, it is beginning to look up for Scottish farmers and crofters this summer, as dry warm

Child Safety on Farms

Following on from the moving story of Linzi Nelson, the Farm Safety Foundation’s Stephanie Berkeley asks why we are continuing to allow children to play in a workplace that has the poorest safety record of any occupation in the UK? What should you be thinking about when inviting children onto your farm? And what advice

Stuart’s Story

Raising a young family on a farm can be an amazing experience, but it can also be a dangerous one as Linzi Nelson unfortunately knows…   At 3 years old, Linzi’s son Stuart had his life cut short in a tragic accident on their family farm in Crossgates, Fife. On Day Two of Farm Safety

On the Brink of a Real Change…

Head of Agriculture for HSE, Rick Brunt has extensive experience of health and safety regulation in a range of industries. On Day One of Farm Safety Week, Rick outlines his aspirations for a real change in attitude to farm safety, a reduction in those excessively high numbers of fatal injuries and asks you, the farmer,