All By Myself?

Friendship is like food. We need it to survive. What’s more, we seem to have a basic drive for it. Psychologists find that human beings have fundamental need for inclusion in group life and for close relationships. We are truly social animals. And in farming this can present a problem Obviously, there are circumstances when

Why this matters…

Since 2018, we have been raising awareness of a serious issue facing our farming community – poor mental health. The farming industry faces many stress factors, which are placing increasing pressure on our workers and putting them at greater risk of mental ill health. These include extended amounts of time working in isolation, a blurring

Getting Past your Past – Conquering Anxiety and Dealing with PTSD

In today’s blog, renowned experts Nik and Eva Speakman give us an insight into post-traumatic stress disorder, (PTSD) something that has been traditionally associated with military personnel but can be commonplace in farming. The Speakmans have studied human behaviour together for over 20 years and run their own therapy business helping people overcome a range

Smile, though your heart is breaking…

Smiling depression: appearing happy on the outside while feeling depressed inside. This is a dangerous condition to have and why we need to pay attention. By Olivia Remes, Researcher at University of Cambridge Smiling depression is a difficult condition to deal with. It refers to looking happy on the outside while inside feeling depressed. Internet

Farming’s Mental Health Crisis

Welcome to Mind Your Head 2020… one week in the year when we shine the spotlight on our wonderful agricultural industry and the key element that is often overlooked when media stories are grabbing headlines… the people behind it. In our first blog of the week, our Manager Stephanie Berkeley looks at how initiatives like

Put the “Fun” back into Fundraising

In her first blog for the site, our newest team member Sophie Marsh highlights some of the wonderful and creative work that people, companies and YFCs have been doing to raise money to allow us to continue the work we do preserving and protecting the physical and mental wellbeing of the next generation of farmers…