For The Love of Food this Christmas

Food is synonymous with Christmas. Whether you like them or loathe them, mince pies, Christmas cake, trifle, and turkey will have pride of place on many tables over the holidays. The great news is that splashing out on a festive feast using local ingredients can help support our farmers as well as providing essential nutrients

PTO Safety & Maintenance Tips

Accidents involving power take-off (PTO) shafts are among the most common causes of serious injury when operating farm machinery. We caught up with Adam Hubbard, OEM specialist at Kramp UK to learn more about what they are doing to help minimise the risk of an incident occurring and what technical skills can be used reduce

The Farm Safety Foundation needs YOU

In 2024, the Farm Safety Foundation will be celebrating 10 years of Yellow Wellies activities and action and we can’t quite believe it ourselves…  We’ve got some big plans and, as always, we want YOU to get involved too.   We’re looking to find three UK farmers who are ready to make a New Year’s Resolution

Road Safety Week 2023 – Are you distracted

According to Brake, on average, someone is killed or seriously injured on UK roads every 16 minutes. Distraction remains one of the biggest causes of accidents, and one of the biggest causes of distractions is still mobile phones. In fact, research from Australia suggests that using a phone while driving makes you four times more

Road Safety Week 2023 – Tractors and ATVs

Are there any topics more hotly debated than which tractor is the best? And let’s not get started on quads vs mules. But, whether you are a John Deere diehard, a massive Massey fan, or like to crack on about Case (other brands are available), it’s important to understand who can use farm vehicles, and

Road Safety Week 2023 – Are you up to speed?

This week marks the return of Brake’s annual Road Safety Week, and unsurprisingly it’s a cause close to our hearts. It’s been another rollercoaster year for our industry. From unprecedented weather to political challenges, we know that farmers from all sectors are fighting battles on multiple fronts. At these times it can be easy to

NFYFC’s Curveball for Risk-takers…

In 2017, NFYFC Chair of Council, Ed Ford approached us as he wanted to offer YFC members who were too young to study agriculture at college or not interested in furthering their studies, an opportunity to learn about farm safety, helping us in our aim to improve the attitudes and behaviours to risk-taking in the

We Could Be Heroes…

In a week where we have acknowledged that farming continues to have the poorest safety record of any occupation in the UK and Ireland, there may be a feeling emerging that this is something we are willing to accept. This could not be further from the truth and, like last year, we feel it is

Farming’s Silent Killer…

Did you know? At least 245,000 in the UK are affected by sepsis each year and at least 48,000 people who develop sepsis lose their lives in sepsis-related illnesses every year? Sepsis is one of the oldest described illnesses (first described back in 400 BCE) but how much do we really know about this ‘silent

Skin Deep

by Tina Morgan CFIOSH, Chair of IOSH Rural Industries Group Most people who work in agriculture and associated industries are aware of the safety risks like contact with moving machinery and equipment, falling from ladders or working with livestock, but how many are aware of the risks to their health from their everyday activities? Having