We Could Be Heroes…

In a week where we have acknowledged that farming continues to have the poorest safety record of any occupation in the UK and Ireland, there may be a feeling emerging that this is something we are willing to accept. This could not be further from the truth and, like last year, we feel it is

Farming’s Silent Killer…

Did you know? At least 245,000 in the UK are affected by sepsis each year and at least 48,000 people who develop sepsis lose their lives in sepsis-related illnesses every year? Sepsis is one of the oldest described illnesses (first described back in 400 BCE) but how much do we really know about this ‘silent

Skin Deep

by Tina Morgan CFIOSH, Chair of IOSH Rural Industries Group Most people who work in agriculture and associated industries are aware of the safety risks like contact with moving machinery and equipment, falling from ladders or working with livestock, but how many are aware of the risks to their health from their everyday activities? Having

A Sign of the Times

Over the past three years, we have seen an increasing number of members of the public enjoying the freedom of our beautiful countryside for rambling and walking their dogs. Unfortunately, the same period saw nine members of the public killed while walking near cattle. This year’s HSE Fatal Injuries in Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing GB

Learning Safety by Accident

Those of us who are a certain age will remember Jock, a character from legendary 80s TV show Dallas. He was the patriarch of a family business empire and lived on arguably the most famous farm in the world – Southfork… Fast forward 40 years and another Jock has a more modest empire in Dallas

Stay Safe, Stay Farming, Skill Up!

Collaboration is a word that is sometimes overused when talking about driving a change however, when we were approached by The Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture (TIAH), farming and growing’s new professional body, we knew that this was one collaboration we wanted to embrace. TIAH’s vision was to develop a series of interactive health and

An Incredible Journey…

From farm life to Paralympic podium, it’s hard to believe that only two days ago, Sammi Kinghorn MBE was in Paris accepting her fourth medal of the 2023 World Championships in the Universal Relay Heats after a week of collecting silver medals in the 800m and 400m races and a gold in the T53 100m

Speaking Up For Safety

It has been written that it may be that your purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others and 22 year old Erin Gailey, a herdsperson on a 400-cow farm near Shrewsbury would wholeheartedly agree.  Erin’s life plan was to attend university to study some form of animal-based degree. She was

Farm Safety Starts With You

by Stephanie Berkeley, Manager, Farm Safety Foundation  Welcome to the 11th (Yes, the 11th) annual Farm Safety Week and I wish I could introduce this year’s campaign on a positive note but, unfortunately, figures from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Fatal Injuries in Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing in GB Report 2022/23 reveal that, with

Simply The Best… YFC Achiever Farm Safety Award 2022

On Wednesday, we celebrated 10 inspiring individuals who have worked tirelessly over the past decade to reduce the injury risk for farmers and farming families, but what about now? What about the next generation? Who are the individuals or groups that are championing farm safety at this time? The Farm Safety Foundation is proud of