Wake Up To Tiredness

Work-related fatigue can be very bad for your safety and your health and nowhere is this more relevant than in farming! In a recent UK-wide study of 95 farmers we carried out in partnership with our funder NFU Mutual back in April 2021, 69% of respondents identified tiredness as a major risk to farming safely.

Rethink Risk

Over the years, our Farm Safety Week and Mind Your Head campaigns have become synonymous with impactful social media films that gain high levels of engagement. This year’s 2021 Mind Your Head video “The Living Years” had 614,000 views on social media and our 2020 Farm Safety Week video “Out of The Mouths Of Babes”

Risky Business

Long hours, intense physical labour, low pay and at the mercy of the elements, who’d be a farmer today? Well nearly half a million workers it seems. Yet, for a workforce that accounts for a mere 1% of GB’s working population, the industry accounts for nearly a quarter of all workplace fatal injuries, giving it

Farm Safe… Bike Safe

In today’s final blog for Farm Safety Week, Stephanie Berkeley looks at the popularity of road cycling and the dangers faced by anyone driving an agricultural vehicle on rural roads. An upsurge in the popularity of cycling and, in particular, road cycling means that British Cycling, the national governing body for cyclesport now boasts over

Texting & TikTok – the dangers of distracted driving

Mobile phones are a constant in most of our lives. But there’s a time where you certainly shouldn’t be phoning, texting, Tweeting and TikToking: when you’re behind the wheel – of your car, your quad or your tractor. In the past, we’ve all seen campaigns against drink driving. Campaigns that have proven successful given the

The Dangers of Rural Roads

Fatal accidents involving agricultural vehicles or farm workers travelling on a public highway, are referred to as ‘road traffic accidents’ and reported to the Department for Transport. These figures do not appear in the HSE Fatal Injuries in Agriculture figures, however many farmers are involved in these fatal accidents so staying safe on our rural

Top 5 Safety Apps You Shouldn’t Farm Without…

The number of apps available for download continues to grow. The Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for iOS offer a selection of 2.2 million apps each, according to the businessofapps.com. Agricultural apps make up a relatively thin slice of the overall mix, but still present a huge assortment of options

It’s training Jim… but not as we know it.

Farming – an environment where everything, including technology, is constantly growing… Have you seen the CommandCenter of a John Deere 9620RX? It’s like the Starship Enterprise. Another area that has started to feel the impact of emerging technology is training and, for a charity like the Farm Safety Foundation, that engages, inspires and educates the

Avoid Harm on the Farm

The Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland and NI Farm Safety Partnership recently launched their 2021 child safety poster competition and, now half way through the competition and half way through Farm Safety Week, we are actively encouraging NI primary aged schoolchildren to get involved! The competition is for children to draw and colour

Farming is Not Child’s Play

Farms may conjure an image of a picture-perfect landscape, with children running and playing in green fields. But farms come with their own dangers. And there have been plenty of debates and yes, arguments, over the years on what should be done to ensure the safety of children who live or work on our farms.