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Merry Christmas

As we all wind down for Christmas, we’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Farm Safety Partnership. It has been a successful year for the foundation, we’ve achieved a lot, not least achieving registered charity status. Over the summer we rolled out our interactive game, Keep Clive

Scraper for clearing slurry from the cow barns

Working Safely with Slurry

The dangers of working with slurry are well known and over the past two years slurry has been the cause of a number of deaths including those of, our Ambassador Victoria Whipps’ husband, Craig and his colleague Robert Gray. The impact of these deaths is acutely felt by many in the community, and especially their young

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Charitable Status

I am pleased to announce that following our application to the Charities Commission, the Farm Safety Foundation has been officially granted Charitable Status. Our registered charity number is: 1159000. Our long term objections are: 1. The Farm Safety Foundation aims to establish itself as a leading authority on farm safety, working closely with farmers, the

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Working at a Height: Think Safe

Working at height clearly presents a risk of significant injury should you or one of your employees fall, time and time again injuries caused in this way could have been avoided if some simple safety steps had been taken prior to the employee began work. Ask yourself whether you can be confident that the following

Keep Clive Alive: App Launch

Having traveled up and down the UK over the summer with our interactive game Keep Clive Alive, we’re pleased to announce it’s launch as a mobile application for Android®, iPhone® and iPad®, why not try your hand at the game on your tablet or mobile device… It’s almost enough to get you round to next

Eye of Jersey Cow

Cattle on Rights of Way: Ensuring Public Safety

The majority of farmers will have public rights of way which cut through their farmland; given public access, we in the farming community have a responsibility to ensure that presence on farmland presents as little danger to members of the public as reasonably possible. Given that all large animals pose a potential risk to people

Senior male farmer driving tractor, rear view

Staying Safe: It pays to be prepared

We recognise that no matter what we do, we can never make farming completely risk free. One thing that we can do is ensure that, in case of emergency we are prepared to deal with it. Having the following in place could make a real difference if there is an accident on farm, time can

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Schools Out: Keeping Children Safe on Farm

As the Summer Holidays are in full swing, we thought it to be appropriate to remind those in the rural community of some of the appropriate steps that can be taken in order to minimise the risk to children on farms. Over the past ten years, sixteen Children have tragically died on farms in Great

The Countess of Wessex tries her hand at our interactive game, Keep Clive Alive.

Keeping Clive Alive

The Countess of Wessex tries her hand at our interactive game, Keep Clive Alive. Over the past few weeks as part of our drive to promote safer farm working practices, we’ve been touring agricultural shows with our interactive farm safety game, Keep Clive Alive, the game puts reaction times to the test as you seek to ensure

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FARM SAFETY WEEK 2014 round-up

The week of the 30th June was the second annual Farm Safety Week brought you by NFU Mutual, working alongside the Farm Safety Partnerships. Last year, 37 people were killed and hundreds more had serious, life-changing accidents. We need to get to grips with both the number and seriousness of these accidents. The week is