Fighter pilot

GUEST BLOG Dr. Amy Irwin, School of Psychology, UNIVERSITY OF ABERDEEN

  ‘The difference between a good fighter pilot and a dead fighter pilot is situation awareness’ US Air Force Tactical Combat Command   IN OCTOBER’S GUEST BLOG, DR AMY IRWIN FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF ABERDEEN, SCHOOL OF PSYCHOLOGY EXPLORES THE ISSUE OF NON TECHNICAL SKILLS – WHY THEY ARE SO IMPORTANT IN TODAY’S FARMING AND

Charles W Smith FCN

GUEST BLOG – Charles W Smith, Farming Community Network

Following our blog earlier this year about minding your head, this month, Charles W Smith, The Farming Community Network’s Chief Executive has agreed to write a few lines on the importance of mental wellbeing and highlight the fact that sometimes it’s okay not to be okay… “When it comes to important farm safety equipment, people

Farm Safety Foundation event stand

A Word from our Sponsors NFU Mutual

Why NFU Mutual supports the Farm Safety Foundation, and why you should too. Guest Blog – Gina Fusco, Chair of Trustees, Farm Safety Foundation Farmers and the rural community are at the heart of everything we do at NFU Mutual and, over the past century, we have witnessed first-hand the devastation caused to farming families

Jade Lanham

Jade’s Story

Today marks the last day of Farm Safety Week, an initiative launched in 2013 which aims to highlight the issues of poor safety practices on our farms in the hope that there will be a reduction in the number of accidents which continue to give farming the poorest record of any occupation in the UK

Farm Safety Week 2017

Stay Safe with Livestock

Many farmers never stop to consider why animals behave as they do and, more importantly, what this behaviour could mean to their personal safety. Animal-handling practices are often learned from watching others and from personal experiences growing up on the farm. Too often, this results in unsafe livestock handling and restraint practices. Thankfully most animal

Fisher Family

The Rise and Falls of Farm Safety

Contrary to the popular image of fresh air and peaceful surroundings, a farm is not a hazard-free work setting. Every year, thousands of farm workers are injured and too many die in farming accidents. In fact, despite the promising news that there is some behavioural change occurring in the industry, agriculture continues to have the

Farm Safety Week 2017

Putting Safety in the Driving Seat

In recent years, work-related fatalities in the UK and Ireland’s farming industries have been disproportionate compared to the number of deaths in other industries. Tuesday of Farm Safety Week focuses on machinery and transport. Poorly used or faulty vehicles and machinery are a major cause of death and injury on farms. Farmers come into contact

Al Murray on BBC News

The Pub Landlord Calls Time on Risk Taking

As his alter ego, the nation’s critically acclaimed bar-based-braveheart, The Pub Landlord, Al Murray has always been full of fantastic anecdotes and he knows how to tell a story however he has only now revealed his role in saving a young farmworker’s life when he was 12.   For years, Al did not admit the

James Chapman Poem

Teaser Alert…

To mark the start of #FarmSafetyWeek on Monday we are launching something really quite different. Here’s a sneak peek but please LIKE us on Facebook to get the full picture