Be Active – Peak Performance

Have you ever been on holiday and looked at the beautiful scenery thinking ‘I’d love to do a challenge for a good cause’? Well, this is exactly what 24-year-old, Agriculture with Farm Business Management graduate Tom Coats from Buckinghamshire did when he was travelling through the marvellous mountainous terrains of New Zealand over Christmas. That

Be Active – Walkie Talkies

Today’s theme is ‘Be Active’ and it is well acknowledged that a daily stroll can do wonders for your overall wellbeing. The mental health benefits of walking can range from stress and anxiety management to clearing brain fog and boosting your ability to quickly solve problems. Walking is also linked to better sleep, a reduced

It Had To Be You…

As many of you know, our Mind Your Head and Farm Safety Week campaigns have become key dates in the farming calendar. The same can be said for our campaign hero films. Every year we challenge ourselves to be creative given the constraints of a charity’s budget. No big budget clips here – we rely

Welcome to the 6th annual Mind Your Head week…

The past few years have undoubtedly proved challenging for the UK’s farming industry. Continued uncertainty surrounding Brexit, a global pandemic, the war in Ukraine and now, issues with the egg and poultry sector have been impacting the mental health of those living and working in farming.   Like many, the farming community is also struggling

13-17 February 2023

We are gearing up for our 6th annual Mind Your Head campaign which will run 13-17 February and we need YOUR help… Mind Your Head has become a key focus in the farming calendar and brings together over 330 partners from across the UK to encourage those living and working in the sector to look

Supporting Others

In the farming industry, we are lucky to have a wealth of regional and national organisations providing support, advice and guidance to farming and rural communities. These support services are available online, by phone, virtually or face-to-face and include: NORTHERN IRELAND Rural Support Tel 0800 138 1678  Email Rural Support provides a listening

RABI’s new counselling service for 2022

With worryingly low levels of mental wellbeing identified by its Big Farming Survey, RABI has launched two new support services for 2022 – in-person mental health counselling and mental health training. RABI’s head of partnerships, Suzy Deeley, says these initiatives will complement the existing support services they offer the farming community. “Our recent survey findings

Why HSE’s Working Minds Matters…

Since the start of the pandemic, 2.3 million people have come forward for NHS talking therapies. However, new figures released in January revealed that over 50% of people were concerned about their mental health last year, with around half also experiencing stress, anxiety, low mood or depression. The majority did not seek professional help. With

Getting Real with Samaritans

As we embrace 2022, I’m sure everyone has considered just how incredibly challenging the last two years have been… Two lockdowns, constantly changing restrictions and ongoing uncertainty have undoubtedly had an impact on virtually everyone’s mental health and none more so than in the farming industry. While numerous ‘mental health awareness days’, ‘mental health awareness

COVID – “the tip of the iceberg” for farming’s mental health issues…

As we have said, 2020 and 2021 have proved incredibly challenging for the UK’s farming industry. There were extreme weather conditions, poor harvests, supply chain shortages and a global pandemic to contend with but, through it all, farming endured as it always does but at what cost? Many of us could confidently agree that the