We can’t stress it enough – Farmers need to take it seriously

Mental health problems can make everyday life difficult, just as physical problems can, and yet not enough people in the industry with mental health problems or mental illness are getting the help and support they need. In this blog, Rick Brunt, Head of Agriculture, Health & Safety Executive emphasises the need to address work related

Jonathan’s Story…

Mental health suffers from a major image problem. One in three young adults experienced mental health problems last year – yet still, it seems like we have no idea how to talk about it respectfully or responsibly. Stigma and discrimination are the two biggest obstacles to public discussions about mental health in all walks of

Hey Jude…

When we thought about who was writing today’s blog for Mind Your Head, and the theme of his recently published Nuffield Report, the lyrics of this Beatles tune have never rung so true… And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders… Please welcome Jude McCann, Chief Executive

Mutual support can tackle rural isolation

As many of you will know, the Farm Safety Foundation is funded by leading rural insurer NFU Mutual. We asked NFU Mutual’s Rural Affairs Specialist Tim Price for his thoughts on why looking after your mental health has become such a hot topic in the industry and why NFU Mutual is proud to support the

A Quiet Night Inn

For our new campaign video, we enlisted the expertise of Luc Edwards, Lewis Lintern and the very talented team at TVC Group to create “A Quiet Night Inn”, a special film for social media to support our drive to raise awareness of the issue of mental health in the industry and tackle the stigma around

The Hidden Danger: Mind your head over the coming weeks …

Living well is the key to farming well and, this week at the Farm Safety Foundation, we are going to highlight the importance of farmers looking after their mental health. Stephanie Berkeley, who leads the Farm Safety Foundation outlines the plans for this year’s campaign… “There are a number of mental health risk factors associated

David’s Story

“I had the farm and the family I’d always wanted but something was not right. I was not happy,” explained David… Over the years, David’s problems worsened and he felt he had ‘hit the bottom and crashed’ after a string of unfortunate circumstances befell his farm. He described a difficult time when his ewes were

Are EWE okay?

The last blog post today comes from Joanna Foubister, Campaign Manager for the Scottish Association of Young Farmers’ Clubs “Are Ewe Okay? campaign. This particular initiative, launched in May 2016 is run by SAYFC in partnership with the Scottish Association for Mental Health and aims to break the stigma surrounding mental wellbeing for young farmers

How God’s Own County is looking after its own…

Today’s next blog comes from Kate Dale, Yorkshire Support Network Coordinator who demonstrates the practical support one region is offering to the various challenges facing farming and rural communities in Yorkshire … The Yorkshire Rural Support Network is part of the Charitable Activities of The Yorkshire Agricultural Society and sits at The Regional Agricultural Centre