Terry’s Story

Suicide is a topic that needs to be approached with caution and sensitivity but one that often garners alarming headlines. Discussed less often, are the number of attempts at suicide every year – 1 in 5 people have thought about suicide at some time in their life. Nevertheless, we often struggle to bring up suicidal

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, and as we all have begun to adapt to our new reality, it has become clear how important it is to stay connected, digitally or otherwise. While this global lockdown brought a lot of uncertainty to many of us and has affected our mental wellbeing, some working in the

The R;pple Effect…

Over the past few years, many have debated whether the stresses of agriculture and the pandemic would result in an increase in suicide rates. Although those concerns, fortunately, do not seem to have come to fruition overall, these stressors are pushing the need for good mental health care and suicide prevention strategies to the forefront.

Boots and Heels– The Farming Podcast stepping out of the box.

With four and a half million podcasts registered around the world at the end of 2021, you could say that podcasts are booming right now. According to OFCOM’s podcast survey in April 2021, 50% of adults in the UK have listened to a podcast and 25% of adults in the UK do so at least

Behind the Scenes… #ASKTWICE

  As many of you know, our yellow wellies ambassadors are an invaluable source of support to the charity. Some have been with us from the start and others we have met through the course of our activities and these relationships can last months or, in some circumstances, years. We become friends and this is

Dealing with Farming’s Mental Health Issues Head On

2020 and 2021 have been challenging for the UK’s farming industry. There were extreme weather conditions, poor harvests, supply chain shortages and a global pandemic to contend with but, through it all, farming endured as it always does. The UK’s farmers are a remarkable breed; adaptable, resilient and incredibly hardworking but the commitment of our

Farming Help… When It Matters

We’ve spoken a lot this week about how important it is to raise awareness of mental health in the industry – the issues that farmers are facing and the crippling burden of poor mental health, particularly for those in crisis situations. Over the past year, the world has seen a high degree of change, isolation,

Speaking Up and Supporting Scotland’s Farmers

Something we can all agree on, is that 2020 was a tough year filled with unexpected challenges. Recently we collaborated on a study conducted by the School of Psychology NTSAg at the University of Aberdeen into 182 Scottish farming and rural participants. The study revealed that a predominant issue in mental health described by farmers was

Supporting Others

It can be scary when someone you love is sick. It can be especially scary if they’re diagnosed with a mental health condition. It’s hard to see someone you love in pain and it’s confusing when someone you know well is not acting like themselves. You know how you would take care of them if

Suicide – The Last Stigma of Mental Health

Talking about suicide in the farming industry is tough. Talking about it might be tough but it’s also incredibly important. But, what’s even more important is how we talk about it. In 2019, there were 102 suicides registered in England and Wales in those working in farming and agricultural related trades according to the Office