Do you want to promote farm safety and mental health awareness within your company to staff and customers? Do you want to be part of a movement that can actually help save lives in an industry with the poorest safety record in the UK? Do you want to show you care by raising awareness of mental health in farming?
94% of farmers under the age of 40 believe that mental health is the biggest hidden danger facing the industry today.
90% of farmers under 40 also believe that farm safety and mental health are directly linked.
Support the Farm Safety Foundation and show that your organisation cares about preserving and protecting the physical and mental wellbeing of the next generation of farmers.

At the Farm Safety Foundation, we strive to:

  • Develop relationships that will enable us to deliver the biggest benefit to young farmers throughout the UK
  • Maintain our strength and position by remaining focused on the charity’s needs
  • Invest in relationships that will be mutually beneficial

Our work ranges from providing practical advice and information through this website and our social media channels, to running national campaigns – Farm Safety Week and Mind Your Head and delivering our award-winning farm safety training to over 2,500 agricultural students at land-based colleges and universities throughout the UK every year.

Supporting the Farm Safety Foundation can offer your organisation a range of opportunities with tangible and measurable benefits including:

  • Brand association
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Positive PR opportunities

Brand association

The Farm Safety Foundation is an award-winning charity with a growing brand awareness

Commercial benefits

The benefit of working with a charity which can generate goodwill amongst the farmers of the future

Responsible Business

By supporting us you will show you care about the future of farming and those who will be the farmers of tomorrow

Positive PR

We are the only charity in the UK specifically working with, and for, young farmers

For more information about how to support us please contact

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