Help Victoria to Victory…

Victoria Gardiner (Mouse) is 28 years old and is a fourth generation farmer on her family farm in South Essex.

This year she has accepted the crazy challenge to tackle 2 triathlons and 3-4 mud runs in aid of The Farm Safety Foundation.

As she explains “Most of my friends know when we go out I’m always the one making sure they get home safe, picking them up when they fall or driving them home if they can’t drive themselves.

“This is one of the main reasons I have chosen The Farm Safety Foundation to raise money for. They do such amazing work educating the next generation not only about farm safety but challenging their attitudes towards farming safely. Being a farmer myself I know that cutting corners to get the job done quicker can be very tempting when time is short especially during the summer, but what more young farmers need to understand is that cutting corners and not doing things correctly can have life changing consequences. This is what I am trying to help The Farm Safety Foundation do, sending a message to the next generation about the Farming Safely and how to prevent accidents.”

If you want to support Mouse’s muddy obstacles and triathalons challenge please visit her Just Giving Page HERE


stephanie_berkeley_zl4u2oa9Help Victoria to Victory…