Please watch… It’s Your Health. Your Safety. Your Choice!

Please Watch…

This year, we wanted to take a different approach for Farm Safety Week, one that would reflect the fact that the next generation of farmers are becoming more aware, more informed and more capable of making educated decisions. This generation is learning to adopt good safe working practices as a key element of modern professional farming.

They are less willing to take risks. They are less likely to leave their future to luck.

Taking simple steps like wearing a helmet and gloves when riding an ATV can make a HUGE difference if an accident occurs. But as we say …

Your Health. Your Safety. Your Choice!

Behind the scenes

This year’s Hero Film for Farm Safety Week was once again developed with our creative partners at TVC Group.

It was filmed on location at the beautiful Harbury Fields Farm in Warwickshire with thanks to the Davis family for their support.

Special thanks also to Percy Poulten and Harry Turnock-Rogers, our young actors and to Honda UK, who provided the ATVs, safety equipment, stuntman Adam and specialist advice on the day.

stephanie_berkeley_zl4u2oa9Please watch… It’s Your Health. Your Safety. Your Choice!

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