Our ambassadors are a vital part of what we do.

There is nothing more powerful than meeting someone who has real life experience of what we are campaigning for. Ambassadors are volunteers from all walks of life who have been affected by an experience on the farm and who are willing to share their personal stories with our audiences nationwide.

We are very lucky to have the support of some inspirational individuals who have worked with us for years and who we now consider friends. We are so grateful for their support.

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By volunteering as an Ambassador you become a key representative in your region. Your expertise and experience have a real chance of influencing life changing decisions that young farmers make day-to-day. Anyone who has a desire to inspire the next generation of farmers can be an Ambassador.

Your main role is to increase awareness of the importance of looking after your physical and mental wellbeing through supporting us online, especially social media and at events where your first-hand experience can bring home the reality of why it is vital for young farmers to challenge and change their attitudes and behaviours. With a small team, our Ambassadors play an important role in what we do so the main qualities that all our Ambassadors share are enthusiasm, commitment and a passion for making a difference.

As an Ambassador you have the opportunity to

  • Inspire the next generation of farmers
  • Enjoy a sense of achievement after delivering an activity
  • Challenge the poor safety attitudes and behaviours of a whole industry
  • Strengthen your own skills, including communication, planning and presentation
  • Contribute to actually making a difference - by reducing farm incidents and possibly saving a life!

By supporting us you will bring the following benefits

  • Looking after your physical and mental wellbeing becomes relevant to everyday experiences
  • Better motivation, more confidence and enthusiasm for change

As an Ambassador we need you to

  • Like us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or subscribe to our YouTube channel
  • Share our messages, posts and activities with your followers, friends and networks using your social media channels
  • Support our initiatives, events and activities
  • Share experiences, useful resources and activity ideas with other Ambassadors
  • Represent the Foundation as a guest speaker at local events and farm safety events
  • Add blog posts about your own Ambassador activities to our website

If you are interested in signing up as a Farm Safety Ambassador please complete the following form.

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