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We are learning this Mind Your Head week that equipping people with the skills to build resilience and take control of their lives can really help to improve mental health and wellbeing. In today’s guest blog, the Scottish Association for Mental Health’s (SAMH’s) introduce their new project Let’s TALK which is designed to do just that.

Funded by The Big Lottery, Let’s TALK will encourage people to think about their mental health, introduce self-management techniques to increase resilience and support those struggling through training, information and signposting.

The project, which started last year is working across Glasgow and Lanarkshire. These particular areas have been selected due to an increase in suicide rates, long waiting times for mental health support services and because there is significant levels of deprivation.

Let’s TALK Project Facilitator, Emma Straughan explains: “We will connect directly with people through engaging activities using the 5 Ways to Wellbeing principles in a bid to empower them in choosing more meaningful routes to recovery”.

“Working with grassroots groups and third sector organisations we hope to encourage more positive conversations about mental health, tackle stigma and discrimination for those experiencing mental health problems and help to signpost people to local support services”.

“As a farmer’s daughter and former student of the Scottish Agricultural College (now the SRUC) I know how prevalent poor mental health is in Scotland’s rural population and the barriers to support, both real and perceived”.

“Reaching out to those in rural sectors is key. I hope that by promoting Let’s TALK and building partnerships across Scotland we can bridge support in rural communities and remind them that welfare isn’t just an issue for the animals”.

For more information about the Let’s TALK project please contact Emma.Straughan@samh.org.uk or visit www.samh.org.uk or call 07595244761

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