Mental Health – It’s Everyone’s Business

Rising coronavirus infection rates, and the accompanying wave of lockdowns across the UK has prompted several organisations in the agricultural industry to spend more time considering their employees’ and customers’ mental health…

With a growing sense of uncertainty and increased levels of anxiety in the industry, it is encouraging that organisations such as AHDB, Dunbia, Tesco, CoOp, British Sugar and NFU Mutual are providing opportunities for their staff to attend specialist Mental Health in Farming sessions.

These 90 minute webinars, delivered by the Farm Safety Foundation, support staff who are face-to-face with farmers and those living and working in the farming community to learn more about the impact of poor mental health in the industry and feel more confident about offering support for those they encounter that may be struggling at this time.

Tragically, 102 suicides were registered in England and Wales in 2019 in those working in farming and agricultural related trades.

So now, more than ever, it is critical to educate businesses working in agricultural related trades about the unique stressors facing the industry and the support available to avoid burnout, breakdowns and to reduce the risk of suicide in the industry.

Organisations who continue to invest in the mental health of their people and foster open dialogue about mental health issues also create a positive workplace and a place where people want to work – even if it’s from home for the foreseeable future…

If you are interested in the Farm Safety Foundation’s ‘Introduction to Mental Health in Farming’ session please get in touch by emailing

stephanie_berkeley_zl4u2oa9Mental Health – It’s Everyone’s Business

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