An important aspect of what we do as a Foundation is to monitor and evaluate all our activities and measure the success of our education programmes and campaigns.

As part of our Introduction to Farm Safety education programme, we ask participants about their attitudes to risk taking and farm safety before doing the workshop and immediately after and the results are extremely encouraging. To date this year:


I learnt something
new today

Before – n/a

After – 90%

I would think twice
about taking risks

Before – 85%

After – 91%

I have thought about
injury or fatality

Before – 84%

After – 92%

In addition, for the past five years, the Foundation has been carrying out tracker research through independent research company Mindset among our target audience of 18-40 year old young farmers to see how well we are doing.

Results over the years suggest that awareness of the Farm Safety Foundation/Yellow Wellies is growing steadily from 27% in 2014 to 68% in the 2019 survey. We are helping to create conversations about farm safety and mental health, particularly amongst Young Farmers Club members.

We have also conducted research among this audience to discover how well initiatives like Farm Safety Week work in creating this behavioural change.

In the 2019 research 72% of those surveyed were aware of Farm Safety Week. A figure that has leapt up from 26% awareness in 2014.

This research is supported by NFU Mutual’s Voice of the Farmer research – an annual survey of 1,800 farmers across the UK which delves into many aspects of modern farming life. According to their 2019 research, 70% of all farmers across the UK are aware of the Farm Safety Foundation/YellowWellies and 67% of them are aware of our Farm Safety Week.

2014 – 26%

2019 – 72%

2014 – 27%

2019 – 68%

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