Rethink Risk

Over the years, our Farm Safety Week and Mind Your Head campaigns have become synonymous with impactful social media films that gain high levels of engagement.

This year’s 2021 Mind Your Head video “The Living Years” had 614,000 views on social media and our 2020 Farm Safety Week video “Out of The Mouths Of Babes” had 750,000 views across our social media channels.

In a year where the number of people killed on farms in Great Britain has almost doubled compared to the previous year, we need to take a more serious approach to a more serious issue… Why are farmers continuing to ignore the issue of safety? Why are twice as many over 60s having life-ending incidents on farms compared to the rest of the industry? And what are we going to do about it?

We know that audiences engage with short, strong video content in a way that the written word can not achieve so our theme this year is RETHINK RISK.

Our 2021 hero film highlights the concept of risk assessments, making them real and relatable – something we do naturally every day, often without thinking – like not crossing the road when a bus is coming.

Farmers think they know their farm and the risks involved in going about their daily tasks. However, those risks change day to day and this film is to encourage people in the industry to rethink risk and to carry out risk assessments and recognise the changing hazards and risks on any busy farm.

Special thanks again to our wonderful director Luc Edwards and to Dave & James Pick and Henry Sutton of Airy Hill Farm, Filey, North Yorkshire for the use of their beautiful land for filming. 


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stephanie_berkeley_zl4u2oa9Rethink Risk

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