SAVE the DATE Farm Safety Week 2016 4-8 July

Farm Safety Week takes place from 4-8 July 2016 and, once again, is being supported by the Farm Safety Foundation, Farm Safety Partnerships, the Health & Safety Executive, Health & Safety Executive for Northern Ireland and the Health & Safety Authority, Ireland.


The week acts as a reminder to local and rural communities that farming continues to have one of the poorest safety records of all occupations in the UK & Ireland but these organisations are working together to address this…


From falls and transport to child safety – Farm Safety Week UK & Ireland will cast the spotlight on people and communities who have been touched by life-changing accidents and offer support and guidance for those working in this dynamic but dangerous industry.


Farm injuries and fatalities are preventable through education. Last year’s HSE Health & Safety in Agriculture report stated that there were 33 fatal injuries to workers in agriculture in 2014/2015, the same as the five year average. Despite more noise around farm safety, farmers of all ages are still taking risks when working and this has to stop.


Agriculture remains vital to our economy. Through centuries of hard work, those who work on farms have bolstered our economies and nourished our people. This week we recognise the dedication and commitment of our farmers and their families and we remain resolved to promote their safety and wellbeing.


On each day of Farm Safety Week, farmers will be encouraged to take some time to assess the safety of routine tasks. You can help by following us on Twitter @yellowwelliesUK or Farcebook and supporting our teaser campaign  this week as well as liking and sharing all our content throughout the week.


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