Holding Out For A Hero…

As we reflect on 10 years of Farm Safety Week, we can all acknowledge that we have had 10 years of shocking headlines, 10 years of life-changing and life-ending injuries and 10 years of heartbreak for farming families across the UK and Ireland, but there is another side to it… Behind the scenes, there is

Welcome to the 10th Annual Farm Safety Week

Comment by Stephanie Berkeley, Manager, Farm Safety Foundation The results are in and, according to the HSE Fatal Injuries in Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing in GB Report 2021/22 published today, 25 people  including a 9-year old child, lost their lives on our farms over the past year. This may be an improvement on last year’s


Hydrogen Sulphide – the hidden killer

Midnight 15 October signifies closed slurry spreading season – This is a particularly busy time for farmers so please take five minutes and click on the photo or link below to read this article about how one man survived a close encounter with a hidden killer – Hydrogen Sulphide. Co. Antrim farmer Alex Walker shared