Keep Learning – What can we learn from the construction industry?

For years, analysts have been looking at the construction and agriculture industries to see if the two industries can learn from each other to make each safer for their workers. Agriculture and construction face similar challenges. They share a reputation of being conservative, slow to adopt new technologies which means that both lag behind many

Keep Learning – From Flight Attendant to Farmer at Fifty!

Reaching a landmark age can feel like a daunting milestone, but it shouldn’t stop you from living life to the fullest! Why should you let people dictate how you spend your golden years? if there is something new that you want to learn or an activity that ignites your passion, why not take go for

Take Notice – Just Talk Agri

Taking notice can be a way of improving your mental wellbeing wherever you may be, right now. It means being present in the moment; observing what’s beautiful or unusual in the world. It means being aware of our thoughts and feelings as they arise, without getting lost in them. It also means looking beyond ourselves

Be Active – Peak Performance

Have you ever been on holiday and looked at the beautiful scenery thinking ‘I’d love to do a challenge for a good cause’? Well, this is exactly what 24-year-old, Agriculture with Farm Business Management graduate Tom Coats from Buckinghamshire did when he was travelling through the marvellous mountainous terrains of New Zealand over Christmas. That

It Had To Be You…

As many of you know, our Mind Your Head and Farm Safety Week campaigns have become key dates in the farming calendar. The same can be said for our campaign hero films. Every year we challenge ourselves to be creative given the constraints of a charity’s budget. No big budget clips here – we rely

Supporting Others

It can be scary when someone you love is sick. It can be especially scary if they’re diagnosed with a mental health condition. It’s hard to see someone you love in pain and it’s confusing when someone you know well is not acting like themselves. You know how you would take care of them if

Mental Health – It’s Everyone’s Business

Rising coronavirus infection rates, and the accompanying wave of lockdowns across the UK has prompted several organisations in the agricultural industry to spend more time considering their employees’ and customers’ mental health… With a growing sense of uncertainty and increased levels of anxiety in the industry, it is encouraging that organisations such as AHDB, Dunbia,