We can’t stress it enough – Farmers need to take it seriously

Mental health problems can make everyday life difficult, just as physical problems can, and yet not enough people in the industry with mental health problems or mental illness are getting the help and support they need. In this blog, Rick Brunt, Head of Agriculture, Health & Safety Executive emphasises the need to address work related

Hey Jude…

When we thought about who was writing today’s blog for Mind Your Head, and the theme of his recently published Nuffield Report, the lyrics of this Beatles tune have never rung so true… And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders… Please welcome Jude McCann, Chief Executive

Mutual support can tackle rural isolation

As many of you will know, the Farm Safety Foundation is funded by leading rural insurer NFU Mutual. We asked NFU Mutual’s Rural Affairs Specialist Tim Price for his thoughts on why looking after your mental health has become such a hot topic in the industry and why NFU Mutual is proud to support the

A Quiet Night Inn

For our new campaign video, we enlisted the expertise of Luc Edwards, Lewis Lintern and the very talented team at TVC Group to create “A Quiet Night Inn”, a special film for social media to support our drive to raise awareness of the issue of mental health in the industry and tackle the stigma around

Keep Minding Your Head…

Today marks World Mental Health Day 2018 so no better time to continue the conversation about Minding Your Head… When we launched our campaign back in February, we wanted to address one of the key objectives of the charity – To “preserve and protect the mental and physical health of farm worker, dweller, the rural

Suicide, A Personal Perspective

Farm safety is much more than looking after your physical wellbeing. In our recent Mind Your Head campaign, we highlighted some shocking facts regarding the issue of depression and suicide in the rural community. We also highlighted the many wonderful organisations in this area who can offer help to those who need it. Through our

The Farm’s Greatest Asset…

Friday’s guest blog comes from Dr. Jude McCann, Chief Executive of Northern Ireland charity, ‘Rural Support’ and Nuffield 2017 Scholar. Jude outlines below how Rural Support assists and guides the agricultural community in Northern Ireland through challenging times and how he hopes his ongoing Nuffield research will help to highlight and address the issue of mental

Please watch this…

  The pressures of farming aren’t going to disappear, so as a farmer you need resilience, smart strategies and specific skills to live well and farm well. If you, or someone you know, have been affected by any of the issues we are dealing with this week, support and guidance is available from the following

Mind Your Head

Today marks the start of Mind Your Head, our brand new campaign focusing on mental wellbeing in the farming industry. Gina Fusco, Chair of Trustees of the Foundation, outlines the background to focusing on mental health and why this is so important in the context of farm safety… Whilst UK farmers are renowned for the