Road Safety Week 2023 – Are you distracted

According to Brake, on average, someone is killed or seriously injured on UK roads every 16 minutes. Distraction remains one of the biggest causes of accidents, and one of the biggest causes of distractions is still mobile phones. In fact, research from Australia suggests that using a phone while driving makes you four times more

Road Safety Week 2023 – Tractors and ATVs

Are there any topics more hotly debated than which tractor is the best? And let’s not get started on quads vs mules. But, whether you are a John Deere diehard, a massive Massey fan, or like to crack on about Case (other brands are available), it’s important to understand who can use farm vehicles, and

Road Safety Week 2023 – Are you up to speed?

This week marks the return of Brake’s annual Road Safety Week, and unsurprisingly it’s a cause close to our hearts. It’s been another rollercoaster year for our industry. From unprecedented weather to political challenges, we know that farmers from all sectors are fighting battles on multiple fronts. At these times it can be easy to