Take a break … a big farming tea break

After what can only be described as a rollercoaster of a year where they travelled the length of GB in a tractor making a pit stop at the Houses of Parliament, receiving prime minister Rishi Sunak’s Points of Light award and being crowned Farmers Weekly 2023 farming champions, Lynda and Andy Eadon are at it again…

The couple are asking farmers, their families and associates to join together for a week-long Big Farming Tea Break.  Working with Livestock Markets, Young Farmer Clubs, universities & colleges and agricultural organisations and businesses, Lynda and Andy are encouraging the industry to host a tea break, bringing everyone together to talk.

Andy and Lynda lost their son, Leonard, to suicide in 2022 at the age of 22.  Since then, they have talked to many families and communities who have also lost loved ones, sharing the overwhelming heartbreak and surrounding impact.

Today – 14th February 2024 – would have been Leonard’s 25th birthday.  A very poignant day for Andy and Lynda. One that they wish to highlight as an important date within the legacy that they are leaving in Leonard’s name, to help future young farmers and the industry that he loved so dearly.

According to Andy: “Mind Your Head is a special week for the industry and one that mean a lot to Lynda and I personally. We will be attending Big Farming Tea Break events in all three countries and meeting all those who have been supporting our efforts over the past two years. The Big Farming Tea Break is essentially a fundraising event to support people living and working in our wonderful industry. There are so few opportunities for people to get together and less so since COVID, so this is a good excuse for people to get back together, have a brew, talk and share.

Lynda adds: “Everyone in the industry has a voice, a value, a family and a community to be part of and proud of. There’s a strong need for respect in the industry and for the industry from outside It’s something we all desire and deserve and is the mainstay of positive mental health.  So, this week, let’s come together and talk about how we are really feeling.”

Big Farming Tea Break events are taking place all week, supported by the Livestock Auctioneers Association with funds raised going to support the work of The Farm Safety Foundation.

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