Real life stories have such impact when trying to make a real change in the industry so we are always looking for inspirational stories to share that can highlight the issues and impact of farm accidents and poor mental health and how it can affect families, friends and communities…

Through our annual farm safety and mental health campaigns and in our educational programme, a key component is reality.The reality of having an accident, the reality of losing a loved one or the reality of struggling with your mental wellbeing. We need our audience to stop and think “Who would fill your boots?” if something similar were to happen to them.

Over the past few years we have worked with some amazing people with inspirational stories from across the UK but we always need more…

We would love to speak to you if you have had first-hand experience of any of these issues. We really want to improve the industry’s poor safety record so if you would be willing to share your story with us, we would love to talk to you.

Please drop us a few lines at

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