Top 5 Safety Apps You Shouldn’t Farm Without…

The number of apps available for download continues to grow. The Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for iOS offer a selection of 2.2 million apps each, according to the

Agricultural apps make up a relatively thin slice of the overall mix, but still present a huge assortment of options to sort through. Knowing which ones are worth space on your home screen can be overwhelming, however, as particular types of apps become more popular, a number of copycat services are hitting the market, which makes it even more challenging to pinpoint the offerings that work best for you. Of course you can always download and ditch an app later when its value comes up short, the time-old word of mouth is always a good indication of whether or not the app delivers on its promise, something that any busy farmer will welcome.

We opened up the debate recently to our 25,000 followers on social ,media – asking them to nominate the farming safety apps they simply couldn’t live without.

From the responses, we have compiled a Top 5 of Farm Safety Apps. All are available in Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Some include premium versions or in-app purchases.

1. What3Words
What does it do? 
In our poll this app was a clear favourite – It’s an easy way to identify precise locations and perfect for farmers and contractors covering large areas of work. Simply put, the developers have divided the world into 3×3 metre squares (57 trillion to be exact!) and each square has been given a unique combination of three words – a what3words address. Basically, you can find, share and navigate to precise locations using three simple words. These three words are then used as reference points to geo-locate people in an emergency situation.
What does it cost? FREE
What you say… According to Charlie Beaty, a 25-year old farmer from Warwickshire – “In the midst of a incident, the last thing you want to be doing is spending vital time trying to direct the emergency services to your location. What3Words gives you an exact location, without even requiring mobile data. Those saved minutes, even seconds, could be life-saving.”

2. SmartFarmer
What does it do? 
This is a cloud-based software system specifically designed by Scottish farmer Marc Skivington that combines the latest technology and software to help farmers carry out daily pre-start checks of farm vehicles and machinery and comply with the law. The information is stored on cloud-based software and brings many benefits to its users but above all improves safety.
What does it cost? The app is Free to download with a free 7-day trial after which there is a yearly subscription cost of £495 + VAT.
What you say. Essex farmer and ex Chair NFYFC Ed Ford believes: “In this modern day, often the most important things get forgotten. The smart farmer app is a great way to connect your team to ensure maintenance and safety checks are carried out at regular intervals.”



3. SiloMOT
What does it do?
Silos are an important piece of farm equipment and tend to have a robust steel structure. However, like all farm equipment, it is important not to confuse low maintenance for no maintenance and your silo will require some TLC to keep it working at its best. SiloMOT allows users to register their silo, carry out a short survey to assess the structure, receive the MOT findings, carry out any remedial work required, reassess and resubmit to achieve a PASS which can be renewed annually. You can add different sites, check up on multiple sites and the app has a FAQ section and outlines hazards and dangers, as well as offering advice.
What does it cost? Free
What you say…

4. HeadToTow
What does it do? 
This new kid on the block is the brainchild of Jane Gurney and the team behind TillyYourTrailer. Using this app you can find your trailer daily maintenance checklist or locate a Tilly authorised mechanic in your area who can carry out the Tilly Pass annual 18 point inspection of your trailer.
What does it cost? FREE
What you say – “The Head to Tow app is relevant to help with farm safety, road safety and machinery safety. It is simple to use and gives the user all the information required to keep their trailers in a safe road worthy condition.” Jim Moon, Cambridgeshire


5. AgriKids
What does it do?
Alma Jordan, a farmer’s wife from Co. Meath Ireland founded AgriKids in 2014, in the midst of Ireland’s worst year on record for farm safety. Alma wanted a new approach to farm safety awareness. An approach that would positively engage, educate and empower young children to be farm safety ambassadors. This new farm safety app allows children to play, interact and learn about safety in various areas of the farm and countryside and is ideal for children aged 6 and over. To ensure children can’t make in-app purchases, these are protected by a maths question that parents would have to answer in order to progress
What does it cost? Free, with one game included but there are in app purchases at £1.99 per game
What you say… Stuart Roberts, Deputy President NFU “With so many in our community having access to smart phones the use of safety apps is growing and growing and for the younger generation it is good to see the use of some of these apps becoming second nature. For the youngest in our community I’d recommend replacing a few minutes of Fortnite a week for a couple of games on the AgriKids app.

Honourable mentions
Life360 – this is the world’s leading realtime, location sharing app. You can get automitic notifications when family or farm workers come and go from the farm and when they complete a drive or task. The entry level option is free but you can upgrade to a Premium account for £39.99. The app can be used on different handsets and within your ‘private circle’ only using a code
FindMyFriends – similar to Life360, Find My Friends is a quick and easy way to find real-time location of friends, family and farm workers. Using GPS tracking technology, you can view the exact location of the farm worker on a map, browse their travel history, keep track of their battery charge level and track a phone in case it is lost, stolen or the person is not responding.
iAuditor: Digital Inspections is an inspection app used for various industries including agriculture and horticulture in over 85 countries. It is free for teams of up to 10 where you can schedule inspections/check-ups and browse over 80,000 industry templates or build a custom inspection sheet etc. There are recommendations for pre-start checks for tractors, quad bikes etc
StaySafe – Lone Worker This tracking app is used in 5 different countries, including the UK and allows farm managers to regularly check in on employees by tracking tasks, the time it should take and confirming when its finished. There is also a panic button but it means if an employee hasn’t clocked out of a task, or extended the time, the emergency contact is alerted that something could have happened. Business have to sign up and give employees access and there is a cost involved.
Yellow Wellies AR – Of course we have to give a special mention to our own free augmented reality app where you can hover your phone over a printed Farm Safety Foundation logo and a virtual farmyard pops up giving you top tips on farm safety. Great for children who want to see the farm safety messages come to life!


Also worth checking out is the brand new Tractor Situation Awareness App from the University of Aberdeen NTSAg website. As well as some really useful situation awareness reminders, there are key checks, To Do lists and reading materials. CLICK HERE

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