‘Farm Safety is the Key’ new video featuring the Wurzels

Sadly, whilst farming accounts for just 1.5 per cent of the UK’s workforce, farmers account for 15-20 per cent of all workplace fatalities. As a result, it’s the UK’s most dangerous profession. The Yellow Wellies campaign is dedicated to raising awareness of potential dangers as well as offering practical advice for staying safe.

Over half of younger farmers have said that they are sometimes prepared to take risks when doing some jobs around the
farm, and more worryingly one in six said they sometimes follow instructions from someone even if they know it’s not safe.

The legendary band The Wurzels have therefore donated their time and incredible talent to work with us on rerecording
their classic ‘Combine Harvester’, in partnership with the students from Moreton Morrell College. As well a fun sing-along, the song is also a reminder of the importance of not taking your safety for granted on the farm. After all, who would fill your boots if something was to happen to you?

Yellow Wellies and the Farm Safety Foundation are asking all farmers to take and share their pledge, to stay safe and alert on the farm at all times. Share the pledge on Twitter and Facebook using the buttons below, and make sure your friends and family also take care of themselves.

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stephanie_berkeley_zl4u2oa9‘Farm Safety is the Key’ new video featuring the Wurzels