b'However some signs that an attempted suicide is likely or imminent include:t hreatening to hurt or kill themselves.t alking or writing about death, dying or suicide, oractively looking for ways to end their life, such as stockpiling medication.At this point, according to MHFA England, there are certain steps that you should take to support the person who feels suicidal1.Ensure your own personal safety2.Ensure the person is not left alone if the risk is high 3.Seek immediate help: Emergency GP, Call 999/112 or take to A&E4.Discourage acute drug/alcohol use 5.Try to limit access to any means to take life6.Encourage the person to talktry the Samaritanson 116 1237.Consider helping create a support plan 8.REMEMBERconfidentiality does not apply whensomeone is at risk of suicide.13'