b'Oneofthebiggestchallengeswefaceistheneedtomakeconversationsaboutmentalhealthmorecommon.Agoodstartingpointforthisistolearnmoreaboutmentalillhealth.There are different types of mental illnesses, some of which are common, such as depression and anxiety disorders, and some that are not so common such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Mental illness, as with any health difficulty, causes disability, which can be severe. This is not always well understood, especially by people who have never experienced a mental illness.A mental health issue is a broader term including both mental illnesses and symptoms of mental illness. However, it may not be so severe to warrant the diagnosis of mental illness or mental health crisis, such as suicidal thoughts which require emergency and immediate treatment. According to time-to-change.org.uk, there are a number of different types of mental health problems, and they each have a different impact on those who experience them, as well as their friends and families. Learning a few things about mental health problems might help you to feel more confident about talking and listening.6'