b'EmotionalandbehaviouralI rritability, aggression or tearfulnessBeing withdrawn, not participating in conversations or social activitiesI ncreased arguments or conflict with othersI ncreased consumption of caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes or sedativesI ndecision, inability to concentrateErratic or socially unacceptable behaviourBeing louder or more exuberant than usualL oss of confidenceDifficulty remembering thingsL oss of humour.AtworkThe signs that someone you work with, or for, may need more support include:I ncreased mistakes, missing deadlines or forgetting tasksTaking on too much work and volunteering for every new jobSomeone who is normally on time arriving lateWorking too many hours: first in, last out I ncreased sickness absenceNegative changes to working socialising with colleagues.18'