b'Theworddepressionisusedinmanydifferentways.Everyonecanfeelsadordownwhenbadthingshappenhoweversadnessisnotthesameasdepression.People who are feeling a little down may have a short term depressed mood but they can manage to cope and soon recover without needing treatment. The type of depression that does require treatment and that there is no quick fix for is clinical depression. Clinical depression accounts for 26% of all mental health issues and is a condition that lasts for at least two weeks and affects the individuals behaviour. It will interfere with the persons ability to work and have satisfying personal relationships.Whatdoesthislooklike?Someone who is clinically depressed will experience at least two of these three symptoms most of the day, every day for more than 2 weeks:Continuous low mood or sadness that does not go awayNot getting any enjoyment out of lifeL ack of energy and prolonged tiredness26'